Hair Colour Inspiration

Shimmer Blend

Unleashing the Ocean's Radiance

Imagine capturing the essence of sunlight dancing on the water and weaving it into your hair. With Shimmer Blend, that dream becomes a reality. As Cameron Willetts guides you through this revolutionary technique, each strand of hair becomes a canvas for cascading blonde tones, creating a mesmerising and dynamic effect that mirrors the ever-changing hues of the sea.

Free Mapping

Incorporating free-mapping, this innovative approach allows for endless possibilities, from subtle highlights that mimic the sun's gentle caress to bold colour combinations that evoke the drama of a stormy sky.

Colour Placement

By meticulously mapping out the placement of colours, taking into account the natural texture and flow of your hair, Cameron and Beckie ensure a personalised and customised experience tailored to your unique style and personality.

Inside-Out Colour Expression

Embrace your inner artist and embark on a journey of self-expression with Shimmer Blend.

Book Your Free Colour Mapping Consultation

Let the coastline inspire you to explore new horizons and unleash the radiant beauty within. Book a free consultation with Beckie or Cameron at Combers Inside Out today, and together, let's bring your hair dreams to life.

shimmer blend at Combers

Coastline Reflects

A Tribute to Nature's Palette

As the waves crash against the shore, there's a poetry in the rhythm of the sea. It's a timeless dance that has inspired artists for centuries, including our very own Cameron Willetts, Artistic Director at Combers Inside Out, who finds solace and creativity in the ebb and flow of the ocean. "Nature is the ultimate artist, and the coastline is its canvas," says Cameron, echoing the sentiment of fellow artist and Combers Inside Out Artistic Colour Consultant, Beckie Lyons. Together, they draw inspiration from the coastal landscape, Inspired by Tom Connell, International Artistic director to Davines, translating its hues and textures into a stunning hair colour concept that pays homage to the beauty of the sea.

shimmer blend

Thank You, Tom Connell and Davines: Pioneers of Creativity

At Combers Inside Out, we are deeply grateful to Tom Connell and his visionary art team at Davines for their ongoing inspiration and commitment to sustainable beauty. Together, we celebrate the artistry of nature and the endless possibilities it offers for self-expression and creativity.