Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

 Unlock Your Perfect Look: A Guide to Hairstyles for Every Face Shape

At Combers, we believe that the key to a truly remarkable haircut lies in understanding your unique head and face shape. So if you’re new to an Inside-Out stylist at Combers, don’t be alarmed if they feel around your head for shape, indents and asymmetry as very very few of us prescribe perfectly to the shapes below.  

Hair isn't just about style; it's about enhancing the beauty that nature gave you. Let's embark on a journey to discover the hairstyles that complement the most common head shapes.  Of course, everyone is different and to ensure every strand tells a story that's uniquely yours, Inside-Out designers will look to your personality and ask questions about your lifestyle in your consultation, so the following are just general perceptive design guidelines to help you self-diagnose.

We are however still amazed how many people get their head shape wrong. We offer free consultations to help you find the right hairstyle for you. We want you to know the true value of the right hair cut and to discover that not all hairdressers are designers and not all can even cut well!


1. Square Face Shape: Bold and Balanced

A square face shape is characterised by a strong jawline and forehead. To balance these features, opt for hairstyles that soften the edges. Layered cuts and textured waves work wonders, adding movement and framing your face with a touch of softness.

2. Round Face Shape: Embrace Elegance

For those with a round face shape, the goal is to elongate and add definition. Choose hairstyles that create the illusion of length, such as sleek bobs or layered pixie cuts. Side-swept fringes or Asymmetric hairstyles also work wonders, drawing attention upward and highlighting your eyes.

3. Rectangle Face Shape: Create Dimension

A rectangular face shape often means a longer face. To add dimension, go for styles that add width to the sides. Consider chin-length bobs, layered shags, or voluminous curls. These styles will balance the length of your face, creating a harmonious and chic appearance.

4. Triangle Face Shape: Soften the Edges

Characterised by a narrower forehead and wider jawline, a triangle face shape benefits from styles that soften the lower half. Opt for layered or textured cuts that add volume to the upper part of your head. Bobs and shoulder-length styles work exceptionally well, creating balance and elegance.

5. Reverse Triangle Face Shape: Emphasise the Crown

For those with a wider forehead and narrower jawline, the focus should be on enhancing the lower half. Consider hairstyles with volume and texture at the jawline, such as layered bobs or curls. These styles draw attention downward, creating a harmonious balance.

6. Heart-Shaped Face: Soft and Feminine

Heart-shaped faces, characterised by a wider forehead and a narrower chin, thrive on soft and feminine styles. Consider pixie cuts, layered bobs, or styles with soft curls. These choices enhance the upper half, creating a romantic and flattering look.

7. Diamond Face Shape: Embrace the Drama

Diamond face shapes are characterised by a narrow forehead and jawline with prominent cheekbones. The goal is to balance the narrower features and highlight those stunning cheekbones. Embrace layered cuts: Soft, layered hairstyles add volume at the top and bottom, balancing the narrower forehead and jawline. Side-swept fringes: Opt for side-swept bangs to soften the forehead and draw attention to your eyes. Chin-length bobs: Chic and timeless, chin-length bobs enhance the delicate features of a diamond face shape.

Choosing the right hairstyle isn't just about trends – it's about celebrating your individuality. At Combers, our skilled stylists are not just hairdressers; they're architects of beauty, shaping styles that embrace the unique contours of your face and head. Whether you're aiming for bold, elegant, or soft, let your head shape be your guide to unlocking the perfect look. Visit us, and let's embark on a journey to reveal your most radiant self.