New Year New Hair Colour

Step into the new year with a fresh new hair colour!

Unveil a younger, more sophisticated you by exploring the transformative world of authentic hair colours that enhances. Combers Inside Out is your guide to choosing the ideal shade that not only complements your skin tone but also redefines your sense of self.


Porcelain Skin Tone:

Elevate your peachy porcelain complexion with warm hues. Avoid ash-blond tones and opt for copper shades or strawberry blondes. Combers Inside Out recommends chestnut browns in light to medium tones for a radiant transformation.

Golden Skin Tone:

Golden tones deserve hues that shimmer. Embrace honey or copper colours and experience the illuminating effects of Combers' contouring techniques. Add chocolate or caramel highlights to chestnut brown hair for a naturally vibrant appearance.

Amber Skin Tone:

For medium-toned skin with hazelnut to intense brown eyes, enhance your natural features. Combers suggests brown highlights and warm colours with red undertones. Consider undergrowth tones for a bold and stylish change.

Olive Skin Tone:

Bold and intense colours shine on olive skin. Embrace natural hues or opt for striking colours from black to light brown. Witness the transformative contrast that accentuates your unique beauty.

Cool Skin Tone:

Balance is key for cool skin tones emitting natural pink and ruddy pigments. Let Combers Inside Out manage warm undertones, neutralising unwanted warmth for a vibrant and natural look.

 Combers Inside Out invites you to unlock the transformative power of a new hair colour this New Year. Whether enhancing natural beauty or making a bold statement, our colour experts are ready to guide you. Contact us at 01823 334331 for more information or a free consultation. Cheers to a vibrant and colourful 204 filled with exciting hair transformations!