New Year = New Hair Salon!

Try This New Year's Resolution & Embrace a New Hairstyle and a New Salon  

The arrival of a new year gives us all the chance to take stock and make some improvements in our lives.  One easy way to get you looking and feeling confident is to reassess your hairstyle and colour.  

1. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Check your face shape, your skin tone, and your natural colour. Now look at your hair!

2. Are you a student, a workaholic, a busy mum or maybe retired? Your lifestyle affects your hairstyle so it’s important to get the balance right. A sharp office bob may not suit the school run or the student social.

3. Is your hair thin, thick, curly or straight? Not sure? Ask your stylist. A good one will sit with you and explain your hair type and suggest options and solutions.

4. Get the right cut. It seems obvious but I am sure like me you see many people all the time with the wrong cut for their face and body type.

New Year = Time To Visit Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton!

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You might think there is legislation to protect you from people burnishing scissors, open blades razors and clippers. What about peroxides, colours and bleaches?

It’s scary and true, your hairdresser does not need a license to cut and colour your hair. Anyone can open a salon and it seems many do, so take your time, ask questions and choose carefully, all may not be what it seems!

 A good place to start is to ask a complete stranger whose hair you admire, for a recommandation. Friends and family are sometimes too close if you are really serious about a change.

Curb appeal. If the outside of the salon is grubby, paint-peeling or windows are dirty, then I doubt it will get any better when you walk through the door.

How were you greeted? Was there a dedicated receptionist with a warm smile or did you feel you were just another customer?

Did your stylist make time for a consultation? Was it only for your first visit or can you expect one every visit with your feedback sought and advice offered? If your first visit felt rushed what will your second be like?

 Take the tour. A good salon will let you have a look round. Check the loos – if they’re spotless then the salon will be too.

 Check the salon team! If the stylist neglects their own appearance they probably won’t care too much about yours.

Look on the salon’s social media, website and reviews. Every salon receives complaints but are there just too many and are they being answered?

Does the salon fit your budget?  Don’t be shy, check the price list, but beware of comparing salons just on price. Maybe the price is too low. If you are paying less per hour for you hair service than your car service, it may be time to reconsider, unless you’re a petrol head with no hair!

At Combers Outside-In Academy and Combers Inside-Out Hairdressers, you never pay for just a haircut. You pay for continuous education, skill, knowledge, experience and time.