10 Years Younger

5 reasons why your hair may be letting you down

Perceptive design.

Have a look at the two diagrams below. Can you believe that the centre circles of both are exactly the same size? Put the weight and height of your hair in the right place, add a little accentuation to the cheek bones and suddenly we have a more youthful, confident face and soul.

perceptive design

Average haircuts v Designer Haircut

One is concerned with what is on the floor and the other with what is left on your head and how it works for you. A designer  hair cut just like a designer outfit should complement not only your face but your body shape, making you appear either taller, more petite, narrow or widen your shoulders, reduce your neck length or give you one, balance a big bum or give you curves you never thought you had.

Hit the bottle!

There are scores of women who say they don’t want the hassle of maintaining a hair colour and would rather grow old Faster choosing to believe that this is graceful.

When colour is put back into grey hair, even if only reducing its dominance, it automatically makes hair look shinier, healthier and younger. Grey hair really does drain colour from the face and a few threads of coloured hair next to the skin can make a huge difference – just like a stick of mascara  can bring an eye to life.

Time Warp

One of the biggest mistakes is hanging onto the same haircut for too long. It not only looks like you are in a time warp, but you are hanging onto the past when your body is shouting to everyone but you to move on

Vitality is the key

If your long hair looks tired, has no style and hangs down like a pair of curtains it can be terribly ageing. But longer hair, well-conditioned and styled can be very youthful. Just like fitness and good nutrition and 2.5 litres of water a day are good for a youthful body, the same is true of your hair.