2 style secrets for success everyone should know

You wont learn this at school and if you want to stay in education for your whole career you will probably never need to.

Do you yearn for that top job but feel you have gotten as far as you can in your company? Perhaps you sometimes feel you are invisible or wonder why you struggle to get promotion? Are you in sales and wonder why, even though you’ve read the ‘how to be a great sales person’ know all the opening and closing lines, people still don’t buy from you? Do you see yourself as a leader but wonder why no-one is naturally following unless their career depends on it?


Being far more spiritual these days I direct most of my energies working on my soul, developing my sixth and seventh senses, but that is not to say I ignore the rules of the jungle…I’m not yet that enlightened!!…. or even if I was the world that I live in is way off.

A casual glance over your magazine if you are reading this at the Doctors, or perhaps when you are next in a bar, cafe or function, doing the people watching thing that we all enjoy, will often invoke a first impression snapshot judgement of others. Judgements or perceptions of things that we see through our eyes are filtered through our memories and past experiences. However as many of us have been subjected to similar media there are universal broad base first impressions that many can make. So whether you or I like it or not, whether you know it or not, our appearance is speaking for us…… Have you considered what it’s saying?

This is not an intelligence thing as in fact my observations suggest that the more intelligent genes one has the less the dress and style genes one has. If tips are passed on by a family member or friend, it is often the subtleties and interpretations that are still lost.

It is these subtle tweaks that are the the secrets that I wish to share. They are the fundamentals of style that should be considered first. Everyone knows they need to dress accordingly for an interview, wedding, Ball, business meeting, even school. No matter how you conform to stereo typical social uniforms, if making a winning impression is important to you or your career these two secrets are key


What are they?

There are the two style elements that you can’t rent. If you are reading this you probably already know the secret is your Hair and shoes. It may not be a secret to you, but look around you, it clearly is to many?

A man can rent a dinner suit, rent a shirt, rent a bow tie, even rent a Limo……But the shoes and hair style are down to him, which is why so often the suit renters are easy to spot in their soft shoe comfort specials with molded soles. You can buy your son or daughter a suit for school as some six form colleges insist, but no matter how much you spend, if the shoes are the Clarks kick arounds designed to last several years and a £9.99 hair salon recommended by your science lecturer, it will ruin your great suit, unless of course it is a corderoy trouser and blazer combo complete with patched elbows. Conversely a bespoke made to measure designer hairstyle and shoes can elevate an average suit or dress.


Ask any top end estate agent or successful salesman, or even Joey Essex;  Right brain thinking is what you need to engage when considering your visual appearance, which is just as well for Joey! Like attracts like so if you don’t like what you are attracting in your life, take look in the mirror.

Forget the flash car, the average Italian and Frenchman don’t drive flash cars even though the former nation has much pedigree. They do on mass wear great shoes and have fabulous hair. What ever the time of day, what ever they are doing, even if they are wearing Jeans, they dress like they have something important to do someone special to see. The hair and shoes are always a constant ambassador for them. Suggesting that they may even drive a ferrari. It is difficult to really tell as they know the style that truly counts starts  from the feet up.

The respect with which you demonstrate you treat yourself is equal to the respect that is afforded you by others,business and personal relations, in fact, life.

All our guests at Combers have three things in common. One is that they know the importance of wearing a designer hairstyle, second the importance of wearing fabulous shoes and three, how important it is not to ignore the subtle messages that both reveal, whether we like it or not. Most,cant always get the shoes they desire in Taunton anymore as once they could, but can rely on Combers to deliver the number 1 style secret to them and their family in Taunton as we have for the last 33 years.

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