2019 – Just another Year?…. Not Likely

Taunton is changing. The UK is changing, Europe is changing, the World is changing. Nothing is as constant as change and we either choose to embrace it or we don’t. I have found that Surfing the wave of change is easier, more fun and rewarding than resisting. The most successful businesses build a culture of change into their DNA and change when most think they don’t need to as oppose to waiting until many think they should. Life in either is a growing phase or dying phase. Whatever age, we can choose to grow, choose life, choose to be happy, enjoy the ride….or not.

New Year’s resolutions

What is our attitude to New Year’s resolutions? New thinking? New friends? – Different choices? –  Discovering new countries? – Develop better habits? –  New hairstyle? 

The easiest and most effective catalyst for change is with our outside appearance.  A complete new haircut and colour leads to new cloths, which will temporarily change how we feel on the inside and influence our thinking. When our thinking changes our experience of life will never be the same.    

When I launched Combers Hairdressing salon in 1982 my first market strategy was not price but ‘Differentiation’. I did not even know it was a strategy, but instinctively knew that we not only needed to be better but also measurably different for our guests and our staff, not just when we launched, but constantly. This of course meant behaving different, talking a different story, walking a different path, a greater purpose.  In 2019 we are rebranding and totally refitting and changing our appearance again for the seventh time, not because we need to, but because we understand the spiritual power and energy of renewal. Combers ‘Inside – Out’ hairdressing; “bringing out your best” is our story redefined, evolved, new.    

I learnt the hard way 36 years ago that employing other salon’s stylists was not a shortcut to success. Asking seasoned stylists to adopt new ideas and have the courage to trust me and dare to be different from the crowd and change was challenging enough, but expecting them to unlearn old ways and habits, was unrealistic. So I decided to grow our own team and educate them the Combers way, from school. That has not changed in 36 years but in 2019, how we do it has of course, it absolutely has to change and adapt. Combers ‘Outside – In’ Academy, No 9 the Courtyard, St James Street, Taunton, is launched. “Learning to be the best”, is where the story of change begins for our apprentices.

Let your hair be the catalyst for your change in 2019.  Book a free consultation with a hairdresser that understands the power of a new hair style, redefining you, inside out and outside in.