7 Tips That every Style Conscious Mum Should Know

Forget the cut-price chocolates and the flowers from the garage. This year, why not make Mother’s Day extra special for your extra special mum? 

Frumpy or fashionable

Perhaps you are a new (or not so new) mum yourself and you’ve somehow become more frumpy than fashionable? It’s easy when doing the school run every day for your hair to look like you drive with your head out the window. If your little ones are not so little anymore, you might have slumped into that ‘mumsy’ ponytail look where the only style change is the colour of your scrunchy.

I’m amazed at how many older mums have quickly adopted their own mother’s hairstyles, not because they want to but simply because they feel they ought to now they have reached a “certain age.”

Mother’s day

Well, I believe Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to go for a brand new look, whatever your age. Being a mum is the start of a lifelong adventure but it shouldn’t mean the end of great hair and style.

You might look for inspiration from celebrity mums. Whether its Angelina Jolie or Lorraine Kelly, celeb mums in the public eye, know they need to take a little extra care before they step in front of the camera.

The good news is you don’t need a highly paid fashion entourage to get the look you want. As always, my first advice is to take time with your stylist. The time spent discussing your hair before the actual cut, is as important as the cut itself.

Working Mum’s

Your style depends on so many factors. The type of hair you have, colour options, hair products and how much time you have to sit in front of a mirror. Mums who balance small children with trips to the supermarket do not have the luxury of a lot of time on their hands. Working mums need a style that will be as easy to manage for the school run as it will be for a business meeting. Older mums (we love you!) still want to be as stylish as Celine Dion and as sassy as Honor Blackman.

Here are some style tips for all you Mums out there who yearn for a new look:

The best looks come from the best preparation so look after your hair. You can make your hair care fit around your busy schedule. For example, let your conditioner settle in while doing other tasks, such as reading a bedtime story. Keep split ends at bay by popping into your salon. The best ones will happily welcome children who are always fascinated by the sights and smells of a hair salon – and a glass of orange juice.  Watch out for hair becoming dry and damaged and don’t be shy to ask your stylist for advice and the right products.

Take time out from being a mum by following the latest trends and styles. Set up your own Pinterest page. Use the time at the school gates to find out what other mums are doing about hair care. Why not get a baby sitter and all of you head off to the salon for an afternoon’s pampering?

Having a baby means changes to your body including your hair. This may be more obvious during pregnancy but the effects can last long after you give birth. It’s easy to neglect proper hair care and the problems soon get worse – so make an appointment now and make it a regular one.

If your kids are grown up, have you entered that twilight zone where you are too young to look old, but old enough not to try to look too young? You might be stuck in a hair time-warp where your style inspiration is still TV shows like Dynasty or Deirdre from Coronation Street. Let your hair and clothes complement each other rather than be locked in a style war. Ease yourself into changing your look. You’ll feel better in yourself and those around you will be both jealous and admiring.

Be brave and do something different, don’t just settle for the same old style. Ponytails are easy to manage but if you’re wearing one six days a week, maybe now is the time to opt for an alternative. The classic shoulder length bob is both low maintenance and looks fresh. You can always give it a little tousled look – it works wonders!

If you want to keep your length, you could incorporate a face framing layer, perhaps with some gentle colour to add tone and depth.

Technology is changing so fast, so don’t miss out on the latest products from curling tongs to blow dryers to hair products, that can make your hair look great in less time.  A good salon will be able to advise you in this area and even demonstrate suitable items in store so you can carry on the effect at home.

So, make this Mother’s Day a special one, either for yourself or for your own mum. Let it be the start of a brand new you – and watch everyone be amazed!

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