Ammonia Free Hair Colour

We are the first salon in the Southwest to be presented with the revolutionary the NEW COLOUR from Redken Called ‘CHROMATICS’ For a long time under wraps and only known as project ‘X’
Ammonia free, with out the traditional colour odor and potential scalp irritation – ammonia is traditionally used to open up the cuticle and carry the dye into the hair. There have been attempts to remove  ammonia from professional colours before but this has had a detrimental effect on the colour or made it really difficult to use. Some over the counter colours that seek to use the  ammonia free tag as a means in itself to encourage sales seems to have been more of a exercise in clever marketing , relying on the public’s willingness to except this as a benefit in itself. Failing to state that  the catalysis  that has been used in these colours to replace the ammonia  is often equally if not more toxic and detrimental to the hair and scalps integrity than before is at best unhelpful and at worst dishonest. But I guess it wont be the first time! Who believes Cheryl Cole applies an over the counter colour to her hair?
Redken is different, leading the way in beauty through science, has finally managed to find ammonia’s replacement in hair colouring and achieving so much more than ridding us of an unpleasant odor.
Strengthen your hair whilst its being coloured – Chromatic’s Colour Infuses the hair with protein, as well as the colour dye into the cortex leaving your hair TWICE AS STRONG as it was before the colour – WOW!
Four Dimensional, giving you a natural colour with amazing shine, whilst ensuring  100% GREY coverage.
We are taking bookings and inquiries now, 01823 334331  for the launch from Feb 14th. This is being talked about as a revolution in hair colouring as it changes completely the way hair colour molecules are delivered into and onto the hair whilst delivering extra condition and strength…… Well done Redken! This change sets Redken and us as as the west countries first hair colour bar so far a head, representing true value to our guests especially as COMBERS WILL NOT BE MAKING AN INCREASE CHARGE FOR THIS PREMIUM SERVICE, just more reason for our guests to love having their hair coloured at Taunton’s leading hair Salon