Celebrity Crazy

It seems that the celebrity culture through more and more television channels is having a subliminal impact on us whether we like to admit or not. Celebrities are
increasingly used to hang cloths and on and sell products such is their influence in our
living rooms.

I guess we can often relate to actors, actresses and singers easier than glamorous
models or what was dubbed in the nineties as ‘Super models. However minor the
celebrity status, many of us find it easier to buy into someone we  think we can
relate to or can see ourselves like rather than just a great body. I guess this is why the
Oscar film awards attrac equal billing to the gowns worn on the red carpet to the movies. Last month
we had London fashion week 2012. Unless you are in the fashion business I bet most people were not aware of the different styles on this year’s catwalk, as the news
channels did not cover it. However every magazine and news channel clambered to
cover the ‘Red Carpet’ segment of the Oscars, with commentary on who looked good
and who didn’t.

Celebrity A-List Permanent Hair Colour

I Have Just returned from Berlin where Redken held its first European hairdressing
symposium. The main focus was Hair colour or as the Americans call it COLOR!
Redken, USA’s no 1 hair brand, famous for their innovation and leadership in the
science of everything hair are now leading the way in Hair Colour.
Red-carpet celebs like, Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Kate
Beckinsdale, Kate Bosworth, Gwyneth Paltrow and many more have Redken hair
colour with Tracey Cunningham at the famous  Byron & Tracey Salon in Beverly
Hills, LA.
These A list celebs pay for their own hair as unlike the gowns and jewels
that they are paid to wear to these glamorous events, they will not indulge the
fantasies of just any hairstylist to colour and cut the gown they cannot remove at the
end of the night – their hair!


Changing Colour for a changing World.

LA celebrities can afford the best so its reassuring that at ‘The Colour Bar’ at Combers in Taunton
you can experience the same hair colorant on your hair. No it’s not a
Chinese copy but the real thing and can be applied for you less the LA price tag by talented
local hair designers at combers Tauntons leading hair salon, dedicated  to keeping pace with the latest techniques,
fashion and design.

The other dynamic this year that will change hair colour for ever is, NON
AMMONIA COLOUR for the professional hair colourist. Non ammonia has
been talked about in over the counter colours for sometime but up until now the
performance and reliability of the colour result has been very suspect which is why the colour manufacturers would not use in their professional ranges.

The Science bit

REDKEN CHROMATICS heralds a change in professional modern hair colouring,
presenting you the paying guest with a protein enhanced 100% ammonia free,
odourless permanent colouring service. Ammonia has traditionally been the
ingredient of choice for good permanent colour performance. Now Redken has
developed a new technology to achieve the same performance and results as ammonia
based colorant, with the additional benefit of greater scalp comfort and protection of
the hair quality from root to tip and a kinder to hair colorant that helps the hair to feel
stronger with a stunning 4-D, reflective finish.

Why does this matter I hear you ask? – “Light affects the way we see all colour and
therefore there is a direct relation between the reflective qualities of an object and
the tonal quality we see in its colour. To enable hair to be most effective at reflecting
light the cuticle, (hairs surface) needs to be smooth, which means it will always look
better if in better condition. This is why the best hair colours do not just change the
colour of your hair but maintain and now enhance the integrity of its condition to give
enhanced vibrancy and longevity”.- Simon Willetts, Director of Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon

After applying Chromatics Permanent hair colour system vs. uncoloured treated hair.
The results from the lab were astonishing as it measured at least 2 times stronger –
Now that’s amazing when hair colour no longer has to be the natural enemy of hair

Just ask

Speak to your hairstylist and ask how your hair can be enhanced by non ammonia
hair colour and if a celebrity inspires you to have a change of hairstyle, bring in the
picture, at least it’s a starting place for a conversation even if an exact match cannot
be achieved – I brought in a picture of George Clooney!!

For more infomation contact Simon Willetts at Combers +44 1823 334331

Simon Willetts Director of Combers hair salon is the hair columnist for  the ‘Limited Edition Society’