It’s coming round to that time of year again…..Christmas!  Now I take the path of least resistance, I  embrace it.  I await the John Lewis ad on TV, before following them on the full shop Christmas dec out. I knew it would not be long and if you have not seen it, I am surprised it does not come with a Public warning, “Trampolining dogs are for life not just for Christmas!” 


However we have some very organised guests that have booked their hair appointments into January and well on their way to having Christmas all wrapped up.

I don’t know about you but I enjoy giving but find it harder to receive. Giving is easy, and choosing is not so hard if you know and love someone. They say it’s the thought that counts, unfortunately not everyone is prepared to put in enough thought. Maybe they leave it too late, but Christmas is hardly a surprise; the 25th of December along with my Birthday were dates that I memorised from at least the age of 4. Discovering someones favourite hair or beauty salon and buying  vouchers for a colour together with their favourite salon products shows thought, and guarantees they will thank you twice, once when they open and the other when they redeem and feel fabulous. Buying an Amazon Voucher, practical as it maybe shows not so much thought!

It’s all about…

…me too! I find it easier to buy for myself as I worked out long before the L’oreal ads were written that ‘I deserve it’ and cant resist treating myself when shopping for others. Ladies, even more so; not only do you have to find the perfect outfit but you have to consider haircuts, styles, touch up roots, highlights maybe even hair extensions. Lets face it, if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good the whole family gets a great Christmas, so don’t feel guilty,  your doing it for your family!!

So now your on a roll, there’s the nails, acrylics, plain manicure or a coloured gel – so as not to chip and last you through the festive parties, stay with you while your stuffing the turkey and make it into the New year – .

The hair

So now I’ve got everyone thinking (or panicking) about where to start let’s talk hair styles.

For Christmas it’s often thought that bigger is always better.  It’s a great opportunity to make a statement.  Let people see you in a different light and make them go “wow”.

However, I don’t feel Christmas is a time to overdo it, keeping it simple is the key.  Great hair cut and colour to bring the best out in you as always but perhaps consider booking  some professional styling appointments, before each party to indulge your party mood.  Something chic and stylish, add some curl, smooth it out, lose the frizz, ring the changes even adding a few accessories to glam it up, especially on an up do or half up and have down.

People often ask if I look at peoples hair when I am out. I only notice hair that shouts out with frustration above the designer outfit and perfume  “This is one I did earlier ”… ‘Nothing on you will look truly fabulous until your hair does” should be the post it note on your mirror frame. 

So the most important thing to remember is to book your hair appointments early! and get someone else to style your hair to compliment your new outfit, on party nights leaving you free to partake in a pre party Procuito

Whilst you’re at it…

Don’t forget to book in your nails too.  Hey, if your gonna get through Christmas and want one to remember it all starts with you; and Combers are here to help, well… and the wine and spirit store!

Combers  now have a fantastic nail technician for manicures, acrylic nails, gel nails and finishes.  Quite simply, you can be restyled all under one roof.  Making the most of your time and knowing that what you get will be perfectly matched and perfectly you!

Not just for you

Christmas is also a time for giving, yeah remember that…bah Humbug….At Combers you can also purchase our stunning hair range by Davines; so you don’t have to go to Liberties of London. The Italian Sustainable beauty Range in gift sets for hair/styling/body and hands, and what’s even better…. We even offer a gift wrap service!  Anything Liberty can do!

One of the most personal gift vouchers in Taunton is the afore mention Combers Gift Voucher.  Whether for your friends, family or subtle hint for yourself; having someone else treat you to a Pamper day; high lights, style and manicure, finished with the nail colour gel of choice on their next visit to the hair salon is great gift. Why not order a light lunch and glass of champagne from Augustus, our favourite restaurant next door, to be delivered to them personally to enjoy through out the service……

…..Now that is a thought that counts.

Happy Christmas from the Combers Tribe of dedicated professional Stylists, Colourists and nail techs.

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