Do you have a postcode hairstyle?

We all have them. Usually, they are hidden away in the bottom of a trunk in the darkest part of the attic or the cellar.

I am referring to old school or holiday photographs. 

When we gaze at them today while sighing through clenched teeth, the same questions come to mind. Why did no-one tell me perms and kipper ties were never meant to be together? What was I thinking matching speedos with socks and sandals?

No doubt, you’ll have your own horror images stashed away where you dare not delve. Remember that bikini and leg-warmers look you were once so proud of? Or perhaps it was the pencil skirt and wellies you were convinced made you the talk of the office?

(It did, but not in the way you hoped.)

So why did you repeatedly make a fashion faux-pas? The truth is, it is almost impossible to be truly objective about yourself and almost impossible for those that live and work with you to be objective about you either.

Comfort Zone

We can all so easily get into a rut when it comes to our clothes or hair style. Life is busy and it doesn’t take long for our fashionable, exciting new image to all too quickly descend into a comfort zone. We don’t notice ourselves and no-one else will tell us. And so it came to pass that perms and kipper ties were born.

I don’t believe it is intentional, but my guess is we are creatures of our environment who adapt to our surroundings and those we mix with.

Most people don’t want to look out of place. If we stand out too much, we have a tendency to subliminally adjust our look. I say subliminally as we often don’t know we are doing it as it can be slowly over a year or two.

Have you ever heard a group of new to be sixth formers say they can’t wait to get rid of the dreaded school uniform? When they start college or university, they wear their coolest clothes but after a few weeks, they are so keen to fit in they end up dressing like all the other students in a new self-imposed uniform.

It is a trap into which we can all stumble.  I am proud to live in Taunton. I love the lifestyle in Somerset, even if sometimes I feel the country would be a much better place if it had a roof! However I don’t want my style to be a product of my postcode. On a recent business trip to London, I suddenly felt, well, a little provincial. I like to think of myself as being on trend. I’m delighted Taunton has a wide range of shops and individual boutiques.

Nonetheless, hairdressers are not immune from seeing their work colleagues and their own hairstyle as it is and not as it could be.

It works both ways. I have a friend who works in one of the capital’s coolest salons. You would think he, if anyone, would always be in the latest fashion surrounded as he is by a huge fashion industry and influences. His clients include celebrities and high-flying business people.

Yet, he recently told me he felt his own style had become stale so he took a break from his usual surroundings, colleagues and friends – and came back with a dynamic new look that simply wowed everyone. Now he can pass this vibe on to his clients.

Personal Experience

Listening to an objective outsiders view, I recently had a change of hairstyle myself.

Our new stylist, Lee Wyatt, has been working in Liverpool for the last seven years. His clients ranged from footballer’s wives to soap stars. But what I value most is his fresh eye and that is something from which we can all benefit.

If I am honest, changing my own style was not easy but I really appreciated Lee’s honesty even if he did prick a few bubbles and imagined misconceptions that you would think as a hairdresser I would have side stepped.

On your next salon visit

As we head into spring, when the world seems to be renewed and take on a different look, here’s a style tip for your next visit to your hair salon. Bring a photo of yourself at work or at a function or just relaxing at home.

Your stylist can then take an objective look and make suggestions for a new you. He or she can offer a friendly appraisal of your style. Be brave. We all like to remain in our comfort zone but that can be the first step to the embarrassing photos of tomorrow.

Just look at the clues. Has your hair stayed the same for some time? Do you still have that exciting style you first wore on that holiday to Tenerife twenty years ago, or have you blended into your environment? Worse still, are you starting to look like your mother?

Why not get that new look you have always wanted. Then you can have your photograph taken, not to keep in the attic, but to place proudly on the mantle piece for everyone to see!

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