Five Things your Mum can Teach your Stylist

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I decided to let you in on a well-kept secret: your hairstylist should be more like your mum. That might conjure up some interesting mental images, but before you run from the room screaming, let me explain.

1. Be a good listener

A great mum knows that truly listening allows her to get to the heart of a matter. Likewise, a great hairstylist will listen carefully to find out exactly what you need and know how much time you are able to commit to your hair every day.  She must also perceive your identity and the way you express your personality. All of this takes time and great listening skills. You may be surprised to hear that some salons only allocate 30 minutes to consult, cut and style your hair. Most will allocate 45 minutes. But in my opinion, anything less than an hour is not enough for true designer service. That goes for every visit, not just the first one!

2. One size does not fit all

A mother is an expert on the quirks and unique features of different family members. She knows better than to buy matching fleeces for you and your sister. In the same way, the best stylists understand that a great haircut is only great if it suits the wearer. She will draw inspiration from styles that you like, but will adapt them to your individual face shape. A perfect haircut should complement your body shape, disguise imperfections and put your best features in the spotlight. It can make you look taller or more petite, narrow or widen your shoulders, balance or boost your curves.  At repeat visits, your stylist may suggest subtle adjustments to suit new seasons or changes in the contours of your face and body. She will be assertive enough to give honest advice, rather than passively follow directions and trends. This means that you can seek her counsel with confidence and trust that she has your best interests at heart. You need a look that is right for you, not just the latest look from a fashion magazine. This is the essence of our “designer service” philosophy at Combers.

3. Give good advice

We might not always heed Mum’s advice, but we know she only wants the best for us. Her guidance comes from life experience and genuine care. Deep down we know this is a powerful combination. First of all, a good hair stylist will identify your hair problems and offer solutions.  This might include specialist products, which can sometimes feel like an unnecessary added expense or deliberate “up-sell”. At Combers, we’re so confident about our stylist’s assessments and recommendations that we will refund or replace any product if you are not completely happy with its performance within one week.* That eliminates all the risk for our guests when they invest in something we truly believe in.

4. Keep your door open

Every mother knows that things don’t always go according to plan. Stuff gets lost, unexpected events are beyond our control and sometimes people just change their minds. But a great mum will always be flexible and accessible. Similarly, your stylist should offer excellent support, follow-up and after sales service – no matter what. In practice, this means that you should have the confidence that any compliment or complaint will get the attention it deserves and that it will be handled in a professional and courteous way. Hair is a very personal and emotionally loaded subject and you need to know that your stylist genuinely cares. These are things we feel very strongly about at Combers, which is why we offer free consultations, follow-up advice and fringe trims for all our guests. We also provide a free perm check, which includes any slight adjustments that may be needed, as well as a complimentary treatment and styling by a senior assistant.*

5. Keep your promises

Mums know that rash promises are often impossible to keep. If you give your word, you’d best be sure you can live up to it. You may have noticed that we make quite a few big promises at Combers. We even go as far as giving guests twenty days to decide if they are fully satisfied with their hair. If not, we will offer a complementary visit or cheerfully refund them.* This is far from being common in our industry. It might even seem brash and theatrical. Our guarantees are rooted in thirty years of experience and unwavering confidence in the skill and quality we deliver. But what really sets us apart – and allows us to keep these promises – is that your hair is as important to us as it is to you. We know how much it truly matters.

So you see, hairstylists can really learn a thing or two from Mum.  But if there is one thing a great stylist can teach mothers, it is to take time out. Motherhood may well be the toughest job in the universe. It doesn’t come with paid leave or free lunches. You don’t have the option to resign or retire. It will stretch you far beyond your limits and bring out your best and your worst. And yet, mums often don’t even stop to give it a second thought. This makes it far too easy to fall into the trap of always giving without thinking of their own needs. Feeling good and looking great make for a happy mum that has renewed strength to give her best self to her loved ones. Combers offers a range of special pamper vouchers for Mother’s Day (and any other day of the year). We have even teamed up with local photographer Andrea Duncan to bring you a very special Mother-and-Daughter package. Head over to our website for all the details, or click here

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