For weddings, special occasions and every day.

Do you have fine hair ends? Does long, full and voluminous hair seem impossible? Hair+ from Balmain Hair is the answer! This philosophy focuses on the six most common hair problems and offers six different and unique services in order to solve them, two of which I am focusing on here. With Hair+ certified technicians can be more creative. Also it enables them to have a more complete solution for the their guest’s problems.

The main reasons for becoming a Comber’s hairdresser are: creativity, problem solving and happy guests. Unfortunately these reasons don’t always match one another. Every single day guests enter our salon with a certain hair problems. For instance Dani: she has very fine hair ends and every time she visits a salon, the hairdresser advises her to trim the ends. Dani understands this, but actually wants to keep the length because she is getting married in 8 months’ time. Not only does Dani want her hair long, she would love it to be a lot fuller. Up until recently she felt there was no real solution for this specific problem and told me that she had given up on what she had come to believe was only a fantasy.

Hair Plus

Hair+ provides the opportunity for those with fine hair ends to have the long, full and voluminous hair they have always dreamt of. Your own hair is no longer the limit. Certified technicians can simply add hair to create a fuller baseline, to give the hair more body and create more volume. Thanks to Hair+ long, full and beautiful hair is accessible for everyone, not just the happy few!

Fuller hair can be created with different Balmain Hair products and is available at varying prices. A little bit of extra hair – a few applications – is already enough to solve the problem. However it depends on how full and how long you want the end result to be.

Double Hair

‘DoubleHair’ is the most popular solution, made of two connected strips of high quality 100% human hair. The attachment is hidden in the middle of these two strips. When the bonding’s are attached, the hair is flipped back, which makes the attachment points invisible between the hairs. With this simple technique we can work 60% faster and more efficiently compared to regular hair extension systems. Within 40 minutes, volume or length can easily be created.  ‘DoubleHair’ is easy for a certified technician to apply and remove and can be re-used 2 to 3 times! Well-maintained ‘DoubleHair’ can last up to 8 months.

“Hair comes in various shades but if your hair plus technician works in a specialist colour salon it will enable them to offer you an additional service of bespoke colour matching, for an even more natural look.”

 Special occasion 5 minute hair additions

If you have watched any award show this season, or picked up a fashion magazine, you’ve seen the style that everyone is supporting: ponytails! They are quickly becoming the ‘it’ style for the hottest celebrities and fashionistas. Together with a variety of other hair pieces from the Balmain hair elegance range, as seen on Tv’s ‘Dancing on Ice’ show, they can also quickly add a little style and sophistication to any wedding hair. 5 different hair-ups and 3 different pony tails. Want to create a ballerina top-knot, a low bun or an elegant pony tail? No problem! Trends can easily be followed with the hair-up pieces of Balmain Hair and the end result looks completely natural, as if it’s your own hair!

 Simon Willetts Director of Combers hair salon is the hair columnist for  the ‘Limited Edition Society’