Grey Hair is Cool

Grey strands of hair have never been so cool and feminine. A silvery main was the most sophisticated and elegant vogue hair colour rocking the web and the most glamorous catwalks last year.

Davines hair colour at Combers

The Emerging Catwalk trend for 2015

The trend can be traced back to the Jean Paul Gaultier’s models shows in early 2015 and was widely adopted by celebrities such as Kelly Osbourne, Kate Moss and Rhianna to name but a few.

Lets me be clear, we are not talking the ‘go old gracefully’ look that can so easily suggest you have given up. Not a static grey, on the contrary it should be shiny and dynamic playing with nuances of purple, blue and pink. Be aware this is the most complex colour to realise and has challenged the best colourists and hair colour houses. So always be sure to use an expert. 

A great haircut is essential to pulling this off, ensuring the colour is intentional and on purpose. Blowdried smooth is also essential for the same reasons and also ensures that the colour has a reflective surface to maximise the shine that so often is missing with lighter hair and grey in particular.

If your hair is already grey and you feel it is ageing you, a combination of a new style, and adding a nuanced tone to the grey can turn a look that says old and not as graceful as you intended to one that says you do care and have not totally given up on receiving compliments.

Younger, Natural and Sophisticated..

Not everyone’s complexion works with Grey hair and taking a trend and making it work for everyone is the challenge for hairdressers. We don’t work on fantasy Catwalk shows or for celebrity diva’s but for real people with real lives. So at Combers, we take trends and adapt them for you; the latest  of these are being  Silver Lights.

This is strategically introducing grey highlights around the face and temples to compliment your existing colour and changing complexion ensuring it looks more natural. Many ladies are not ready for or indeed know going completely grey would just age them. Equally they know growing hair colour out is a painful process, but sense the colour they continue to have may be too dark or fear it looks obviously coloured.

For Blondes and redheads this has never been such an issue as multi fused blonde highlights ensure a natural multi tonal effect of which your natural grey is just another tone . Now, with a combination of more sophisticated colours and the ability to lift your existing colour light enough whilst keeping its integrity and shine, we now have solutions for brunettes.

Silver lights

Silver lights infuses grey stylishly allowing you to age gracefully without giving up on the rich brunette tones that give your hairstyle the gloss and shine; thus ensuring you retain your youthful essence and compliment your changing complexion.   . A recent article  in the Daily mail by Helena Frith Powell on her first experience of Silver lights at the Micheal John salon in Knightsbridge, London, makes interesting reading click here

Go Half Grey

Helena say’s “half way hair is not for the faint hearted and neither is it for those on a tight schedule. And it is definitely not something you should try at home” 

I could not concur more as before we can contemplate mixing up the correct grey colour and there are many variants; It is essential that  we accurately assess whether we can lift your brown to a light pale yellow blonde without overly compromising your hairs condition, ensuring the final grey colour looks more silver than a milky dull colour. When confident we begin the process by strategically weaving out strands or slices of  hair to be treated and apply a very special lightening creme to ensure the right amount of undertone is removed.

To counterbalance the stress on your hair in respect to the time needed to leave the lifting creme to do its work and in some cases reapply, Combers colour artists will protect your hair using our favourite new product, launched in 2015, called Olaplex. This product repairs the disulfide bonds in your hair that get broken through any colouring process and indeed the sun.

Mixing Olaplex in with the colour gives protection through the entire process and can also be used as a stand alone treatment and a take home treatment; that works along side any chosen hair regime. If you imagine a strand of your hair being a ladder, the disulfide bonds would be the rungs; lose too many rungs and you don’t have a ladder! So now we have the ability to rebuild them permanently whilst lightening hair; this has created a paradigm shift in professional hair colouring and made it possible for us to extend our creativity.

So if you cant wait to go grey…. we can help!

To discover whether Silver lights or all over Rhianna Grey would suit you call Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon on 01823 334331 for a free consultation with our colour experts, Beckie or Nick. or