Hairdressers Taunton – Your New Year Hair Style resolutions

IT’s time once again to make those New Year resolutions 

For many people that means losing weight or finally putting up those kitchen shelves.

But I am thinking about the hair and style resolutions which you have always promised yourself – and usually forget before the end of January.

Here are  some tips and pointers on different topics from Combers hairdressers Taunton, to get and keep you on track in 2015 

Combers Hairdressers Taunton

Firstly, resolve to choose the best Stylist and Hairdressers Taunton!

1. With so much choice available on the High Street, you want to make sure you get the right one for you. Ask a complete stranger whose hair you admire for a recommendation, friends are sometimes too close if you are really serious about a change. In an independent survey, we asked ‘who cut your hair’, and amazingly 67% said a friend cut there hair home. 9% said Combers.  Of those 67% we asked ‘if you had to recommend  Hairdressers Taunton’…. 48% said Combers

2. Curb appeal. If the outside of the salon is grubby, paint-peeling or windows are dirty, then I doubt it will get any better when you walk through the door.

3. Did you feel welcomed? Did the receptionist smile at you or make you feel you were just another customer?

4. Did your stylist listen to you and offer advice or did you feel you were rushed through the process to fill a quota?

5. Take the tour. A good salon will let you have a look round. Check the loos – if they’re spotless then the salon will be too.

6. Check the staff! If the stylist neglects their own appearance they probably won’t care too much about yours.

7. Look on the salon’s Facebook. Every salon receives complaints but are there just too many and are they being answered? Read the reviews from others who have handed over their hard earned cash before you do.

8. Is there a wide selection of products available or are staff over keen to push just one brand name to you? Can the staff tell you about products or haven’t they done their homework?

9. Does the salon fit your budget?  Don’t be shy to check the price list and ask if there are any special offers or maybe the normal price is too low. If your paying less per hour for you hair service than your car service, it may be time to reconsider, unless your a petrol head with no hair!

10. Are there other services available, eg, facials or a nail bar or even massage and skin care?


Secondly, resolve to get the style you want!

1. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Check your face shape, your skin tone, your natural colour.

2. Are you a student, a workaholic, a busy mum or maybe retired? Your lifestyle affects your hair style so it’s important to get the balance right. A sharp office bob may not suit the school run or the student social.

3. Is your hair thin, thick, curly or straight? Not sure? Ask your stylist. A good one will sit with you and explain your hair type and suggest options as well as products.

4. Get the right cut. It seems obvious but I see people on trains or in shop queues all the time with a bad or wrong cut. It’s scary and true, but your hairdresser does not need a license to cut your hair, so choose carefully, all may not be what it seems! 

5. Always carry a brush or clips or spray. Five minutes in the loo seems to work wonders!


Thirdly, resolve to keep on trend!

 1. You don’t need to be a celeb junkie to keep an eye on new and innovative styles.

2. For example, Reese Witherspoon is a great role model for all 30somethings. She’s gone from blonde to beautiful brunette and always looks hot.

3. Kate Middleton is another trend-setter, especially if your hair is long. Her ‘half-up’ style is elegant, practical and easy to achieve at home.

4. Kelly Cuoco, from The Big Bang Theory, has cut her long hair very short and looks amazing.

5. Keep an eye on the fashion mags and check the many online resources to see what’s on and what’s predicted on trend or better still ask Combers hairdressers Taunton  


Fourthly, resolve to look great during the New Year party season….. and all year!

Hair up, or down? Off the shoulder dress or plunge neck? Black, white or shimmering red dress? Dinner or dance or both? Drinks or neighbour’s house for pizza? Where ever you go your hair is telling others about you…Do you like what it’s saying?

Tell  Combers hairdressers Taunton what you’re doing and where you’re going and in as much advance time as possible. You should regard your stylist as a close friend without the emotional ties, your buddy, who knows you but can be objective and help with suggestions that will ensure you are in control of what your hair is saying about you. Let’s face it, you are your stylists best advert. If you look good so does he or she.

Above all, resolve to get the look you want in 2015 – and a Happy New Year from all at Combers Hairdressers Taunton!