Happy Summer Holiday Hair

THE main topic of conversation in my salon right now is, you guessed it; The holiday. 

Some people have been on theirs already, some are jetting off soon while others want to go again.

But as you pack your bags this summer and dream of faraway beaches or exotic sightseeing trips, remember, you don’t need to take a holiday from your hair care routine.

No need to take the bathroom sink on holiday or an armful of products. Just follow a few simple tips and you’ll enjoy your well deserved break and keep your hair looking as good as you feel.

Most of us like what the sun does to the colour of our skin even though we know it is damaging. Sun on hair has no benefit as it messes with your colour and causes immense damage resulting in reduced elasticity, body, shine and in some cases breakage.

1.       We know a healthy diet means a healthy body and that includes your hair. Holidays are a time when we tend to over indulge. Just remember to include a good number of omega3 fatty acids. These are found in foods such as spinach and salmon. Lots of fruit and vegetables also help hair to stay strong and shiny and don’t forget to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

2.       Talking of drink, Brits still love their cuppa and you can enjoy tea in most parts of the world. I had a former teacher who claimed he washed his hair with tea which kept its natural colour even when he was into his eighties. Well, he might have just been on to something. I recommend a good herbal tea rinse as a great way to boost your hair’s natural highlights.  Take four tea bags, let them steep in boiled water for five minutes. Wait till the water cools then rinse through your hair and let it soak for 10 minutes. Wash and condition normally.

3.       Wash your hair frequently on holiday. If your face gets dirty during a busy day sightseeing, think how your hair also suffers.  Don’t be tempted to leave it longer than you normally do at home.

4.       You can’t help get hair wet in the pool or sea. But you can use a little natural hair oil through your hair when it seems dry then rinse with water. The chlorine or salt in the water attacks hair so when you put sunscreen on your body include a product that protects your hair like Redken’s ‘Waterware’  from their Colour extend sun range against these damaging your hair too much.

5.       Do a little maintenance by the pool. Many hotels offer head massages and that’s a great way to keep hair to recover from too much sun. You can also do it yourself. Use a conditioning mask, leave hair in a bun and relax while your hair gets super soft. Again I would recommend the Mask from Redken’s colour extend sun range

6.       After a day in the sun, don’t bash your hair with dryers and tongs before a night out. Use your fingers and the diffuser attachment on your hair dryer to help curl and dry your locks, or give your hair a wet look, hanging loose or off the face using a ‘Pureolgy’ Hair Mask, that will not only hold your hair as it dries but is kinder and nourishes your hair. This is a perfectly except-able look on relaxed holiday resorts.

7.       Take your favourite products with you so you don’t end up using inferior ones. Sulphate free cleansers like those used in the specialist hair colour brand ‘Pureology’ are best as the addition of salt used by manufactures to bulk the product and give more bubbles will not do hair or colour, especially subjected to increased UV, any favours in the sun.

8.       If you’re going long haul, remember that a 12 or 14 hour flight, with perhaps a long connection in-between, can play havoc with hair. My friend, celebrity stylist, Andrew Barton, recommends a few swipes of hair serum before or after boarding. Just smooth serum or better still one drop of Moroccan oil,  over the hair and brush through, or scrunch in

9.       Two weeks of sun and beach can leave hair frazzled and frizzled. Apply the deep conditioning mask from Redken’s colour Sun range to hair as often as you would rub suntan lotion into skin if you possibly can.  A mask will both add essential moisture that the hair loses at the beach, and provide a protective film.

10.      Book your post hair cut, colour and treatment appointment before you go on holiday, so if you have not been so diligent with tips 1-9 and your hair colour has faded like a sucked out lollypop, your ensure your tan and relaxed smile is the only give away on your first day back in front of friends colleagues and business customers that you have had a wonderful holiday.