How to have the best Christmas ever.

How we see each moment of each day is unique to us and this of course includes Christmas. I know that I am not alone in having experienced the loss of a loved member of their family. This of course impacts everyday and often worse at Christmas. So when I suggest ways to have the best Christmas ever, I of course am reinforcing strategies that I use myself not just once a year but everyday.


It is said that we project our feelings onto others, so feeing sad, unhappy, angry, bitter, guilty, envy, despair or depressed, working in my business is not helpful. We all give off a vibration or energy that says more about us than we realise. Working on yourself and finding creative ways to feel good will lead to thinking more empowering thoughts, and a better day. I have no doubts that  conscious awareness of my feelings and striving to sustain this higher vibration, have changed my life for the better…..Christmas day is still a work in progress!! 

Combers Philosophy

At Combers Our purpose is not to cut hair, or even colour hair however good  we feel we are at it. Our primary purpose is to help change the way our guests feel about themselves, a feeling of positivity that they take with them every day and share with others…. Hairdressing is just how we do it.

Looking good, feeling good; There’s no need to wait until Christmas to spoil yourself because the better you feel the better those around you will too. Get creative, there are many ways to do this and many people that can assist and support you in your life …Here are 5 that Combers can help you with

5 Treats from You to You

  1. Not all hairdressers are the same. Good advice from a face to face consultation with an experienced stylist, a bespoke haircut and or colour; it will change the way you feel about yourself.
  2. Treat yourself to a new colour, or high lights, that will leave you looking and feeling younger; the perfect sustainable energy booster. 
  3. Have your hair styled on the day of your Christmas party, maybe add a gloss treatment or temporary colour. Nothing better than a few compliments early to turn your night into a great night. 
  4. Why not make a habit of it and get you hair styled for every party, drinks event, or just because you are worth it. A little affordable luxury is less fattening than chocolates and Champagne, has a massive effect on your energy and lasts longer.
  5. Consider Hair additions; speak with our expert technicians. Longer or thicker hair, if yours wont grow or is fine could possibly change your life,  let alone Christmas, which many of our satisfied guest reviews confirm.

Wishing you the best Christmas ever, sustained throughout the New year from all at Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon…..Simon 

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