Is hair and fashion Superficial or Significant?

We are going through interesting times as a country and indeed the world globally. However I use the word country deliberately as this is how the media refer to the collective human spirit. What often gets lost on the media and certainly it seems with our elected leaders (and those who aren’t) is that a country is made up of people. It is people who make communities and countries great even if sadly the financial play makers hold us all to ransom. 

People need to be heard and with the advance of social media we have a greater voice. This does not mean anyone’s really listening as face to face communication is the most effective way to have your message heard. However It is amazing how we make judgments about people by how they look and how this in turn effects our ability to  truly listen, which is why most have more confidence  communicating  facelessly. We all know if we are to be taken seriously at an interview and be listened to there is a code of dress which we are advised to consider. Ensuring how we appear is congruent with what we are saying gives us a better chance of being heard.

Maybe superficial and significant! 

Hairdressing, and fashion for the unenlightened will be considered rather superficial. A haircut or cloths are not a priority, other than keeping tidy and warm. Consideration is not always given to how the superficial can be so significant, in a world  where rightly or wrongly we  judge and are judged by others using the most superficial data. Visual data is often the first, and many cases only data we use to process our immediate judgments.

I have been on a spiritual journey for many years now and it has influenced my lead on the  philosophies and working practices at Combers enormously. I have always encouraged a  bigger picture focus. It’s not the haircut, but the Person, we call our guest and the ripple effect of energy they carry forward out into the world from what we do for them that is significant.   Ensuring  our  tribe of talent are educated to the highest technical standards is an absolute given if we want to be top of what we do and enjoy the confidence of our guests that pay for our existence. However it’s why we do it and an understanding of what business we are really in that makes us different…. Superficial? maybe but very significant otherwise I could not do it 

We are all teachers

I love that we are all individual spirits. All of us are searching for ways to navigate our world with joy  and a sense of purpose. Without a map or set of instructions given to us  at birth we look to others to teach us. You and I are others too. We are all teachers and with it a personal responsibility. That responsibility should surely ensure the visual learners hear us too.

Natures Uniform

Kundalini Yoga is an extension of my new spiritual path and more than just another exercise class. It did not surprise me to hear my teacher, knowing that I’m a hairdresser, express a view for growing her colour out and going natural i.e. Grey. as many ladies will have considered this. However I sensed a conflict with her spirituality and sense of self with feeling that colouring her hair is somehow  an addiction or weakness that needs to be worked on and conquered. My thoughts are that if you identify yourself with it then it probably is. However it is possible to enjoy the things in life that make you function at a higher resonance without it becoming an addiction. We all at some point look to wear badges and uniforms that make us feel more important or give us a sense of belonging or control. Even my yoga teacher wears a uniform. Nuns wear a uniform, Is that a weakness, a need to show we  belong to a group? I’m not sure. Isn’t the truth, that we all wear uniforms and the hair style and colour we choose, I call it natures uniform, is one for greater consideration as you never take it off! If your uniform is not congruent with what you say, your influence will be diluted as 65% of us are visual learners….It’s the first thing I learnt at the Dale Carnegie public speaking course many years ago. Maybe this is why many uniforms impose a hat/ helmet or head garment  to control your visual communication completely. Perhaps, spiritually it’s the identity that we cling to from the uniforms we temporarily wear that need to go and not the highlights, but I’m a man and a sucker for a uniform so where’s the harm!

Express visually who you are and what you want to say…… click hear to watch  


I may hear you but do I believe you?

In a time where humans rather than countries and faceless groups need to have their say and influence the worlds future , it is more important than ever that each of us, not just the natural leaders that already know this stuff, prepare ourselves to be heard authenticity…….The scary thing is, if what we say is not visually congruent, it is less likely to believe without a Uniform… what can we do….

Have a visual check-up

……Have a visual checkup. Natures Uniform can be adjusted, taken in, reduced or lengthened, lightened or darkened just  for you, to suit your individual spirt. The talent in the Combers tribe understand this. Individuals all of us but our tribe mantra is the same. You won’t find an ego centric hairdressing superstar lasting long in our tribe because our guest is the only superstar. It’s not ‘just a haircut’ from  ‘just another salon’,  we ensure that natures uniform for you and your children allows your unique message and influence in the world to be effective and visually heard without a hat.