Is your hair Style a season behind your cloths?

When the autumn leaves start to fall, there are some people who would like to hibernate their hair. 


Winter can be a cruel time, with sharp frost, freezing rain, cold air and central heating all taking their toll on your lovely locks.

But while hibernation is ok for hedgehogs, for the rest of us a little bit of preparation and maintenance will keep hair looking and feeling great right through to spring.

Surprisingly, it’s when you try to keep warm that you can do the most damage. Who doesn’t reach for gloves, scarf and a warm hat before stepping out into a cold, misty November morning?  However, that hat can create static electricity – we’ve all been there – when it rubs against your hair. With warm air inside and cold air outside, your scalp quickly becomes dry.

All this leads to difficulty in styling as your hair becomes dull and awkward to manage. One top tip to avoid ‘hat hair’ is to wrap a silk scarf around your head before you put a hat on. This will protect you from the fly-away look.

Liquid hair Tools

A good starting point is a deep conditioning regime. Why not begin with a trip to Taunton’s favourite hair salon, Combers and let our guest relations team or stylists guide you through products which will fight dryness while leaving you able to wear your favourite wooly hat. Remember shampoo will clean your hair of impurities, and the best ones don’t contain sulphates, (salt) very good for thickening and providing bubbles and of course for de icing your pathway, but not so good for hair. Then of course its the conditioning and treatment masks  that replenish the natural oils lost during winter where despite less sun, Uv is still a force to protect hair from loss of colour and natural moisture. It may mean a little more effort, but the effects will keep your hair at its best all winter.

At Combers we have specifically selected oils that we prescribe that are especially good at this time of year. We have enjoyed a hot, sunny summer which may have left your hair a little damaged and hair colour when worn next to rich autumnal fashion can appear like a sucked out lolly. Eradicating split ends and commencing the next phase of the hair plan that we have for all our guests should be well under way.  

Styling Tools

When did you last check the tools of your trade? Are your brushes tired and missing bristles? Is your hairdryer looking old and lacking in power? Is the same shampoo and moisturiser you’ve relied on all summer still staring at you from your bathroom cupboard? With Christmas approaching, now maybe the time to start dropping hints for a new range of hair and styling products to help get you through the winter.

Platinum blondes were in abundance at almost every catwalk show.  In fact, Tracey Cunningham, USA Celebrity colourist or should I say colorist, who, like Combers, will only use Redken non ammonia colour on her guests hair, says that blonde hair with highlights and lowlights and an ultra blonde base are among the hot looks this autumn.

There are so many warm, autumn colours to compliment you if you have a warm skin tone or add some highlights to change the intensity.

New hair Plan

If you’re looking for a new style, ease your self away from that friend that has been doing your hair these last few years. Tell her you have won a makeover at Combers, that should do it. You may find that she is as relieved as you or at least pleased for you, if she’s the friend you thought.

So, if your stylist has not discussed a seasonal hair plan for you and your hair is a season behind your cloths, put on those new shoes you’ve just bought and walk into a reputable salon recommended by someone you trust, and book in for a free consultation with a top consultant.  A little thought preparation and sound advice will take your hair to a place it deserves and ensure  the new cloths you have invested in this winter look the way you imagined when you bought them, attracting all the right comments and attention – even on the coldest of days.