London Street Fashion

The Autumn catwalks and shops are full of the latest styles, colours and designs. From hair to shoes, coats to hats, autumn or fall as our American cousins call it, is well and truly here.

So, you might feel just a little bit down when you look in the mirror first thing in the morning and find yourself staring at a time warp.

Change up

If you have traveled to any major city in Europe recently or perhaps in Town or London as  living in leafy, sleepy Taunton, we call it; it’s difficult not to feel a little frumpy. Your make up, your hair, in fact, your favourite reliable go to outfits, just don’t feel the same.

Part of the responsibility as top hairdressers is to stay relevant and understand that we are in the fashion business. This becomes more of a challenge as like you we are not surrounded by fashionistas, or diverse and expressive individual street fashion to inspire us. Films, media and the internet are useful for inspiration but nothing is better than being absorbed by a living culture. This can only be achieved by travelling and personally experiencing. London is the place most accessible and easy by train and where Combers stylists most frequently choose to go for inspiration and their fashion fix.

London Fashion Week 2019   

Cameron Willetts, co Director of  Combers new hair Academy ‘Outside in’, attended the ‘Creative Head’ awards ceremony, ‘Most Wanted’ at the beginning of September, held this year at the iconic ‘Print Works’ building in South East London. He said “ Apart from a massive buzz, I see this as research for myself and the team at Combers. With a firm eye on winning awards for my work, in the next 5 years and inspiring our Taunton team to explore their own limits and aspire to similar, I feel its important  to mix with the best” . We will be both attending the British Hairdressing awards at the Dorchester in November for added inspiration. Cameron will also be assisting on stage at Salon International in October with GHD having just finished assisting Adam Reed of Percy & Reed, at London Fashion Week. “This was my first experience back stage at a major fashion show”, said Cam, “ Precision, timing and responsibility with more than a sprinkle of ego, anticipation and heightened expectations, add to the pressure and excitement” International Hair artist, educator and salon owner, Adam Reed shared with Cameron his predictions for high street hair fashion for Autumn/winter 19 and Spring /Summer 20 “

So despair not, for this is the perfect time to pop into Combers and see how you can transform your old look into a top of the class stylish, fashionable and awesome new you.