New Year, New You. Because Your Worth it!

This year we could achieve far more and be much happier –  it’s our life and we’re in control of our own emotions – aren’t we!

Whilst there are many forces outside of our control, we still have the power to choose how we respond even if it may seem more of a challenge.

I do not have any secret strategy, other than to say it is important for me to stay happy, choose who I listen to and share my time with, and ensure not to deny myself little luxuries and acts of kindness to myself that help me feel good and do the same for others.  “Because I’m Worth It

I am reminded every day of the powerful link between looking good and the feeling of positive emotions.  Psychologists tell us that our hair  (a great hair cut and colour that enhances our looks and reflects our personality) is an essential ingredient in how we feel about ourselves. If we believe this, then the salon you choose has a responsibility to understand this and heighten this emotional feeling with a personal service, not just from your Stylist, but from the whole team.

Spending money on ourselves is easier if we feel valued, but sometimes it requires more justification, as we are taught to put others first or else feel guilty.  The justification for me to invest in myself is that “I am a better person to be around when I feel good and then have more than enough positive energy to help others”. Quite good eh!…I got that inspiration from the airlines where the air safety personnel  tell you to put your oxygen masks on before your children, counter intuitive, but making perfect sense.

Make a change and feel different.

Have you ever fancied being different – doing something outrageous – or simply changing the way others see you? – of course you have. How do you think that would make you feel if you had the courage to follow through?

Colouring your hair and tattooing your body are growing trends as a way of expressing one’s personality or reinventing the old one you had B.C  (before  children).  One of course is permanent and the other can be changed every season, or every week if you wish.

Hair Colour this year will be as popular as ever but especially so as a professional service at Combers – With more people looking for change, the enhanced value of having your colour mixed and blended  to suit your individual skin tone together with how much, where and which direction to apply will be more important. Although you may want to look different it is important to ensure that the look you end up with is age appropriate, as the lady Gaga is not for everyone. Find a hair colour consultant that you can discuss your ideas and fears with. They will take you on a journey, never applying the same colour twice, always evolving it with you, paying particular attention to your feedback, the present shades and tones in your hair , together with the seasonal influences.

Revolution in hair colour

I am very exited as this year because Redken Colour, at Taunton hairdressers, Combers, is the preferred choice for our guests,  are launching something I have been promised will be a  revolution in hair colour, representing the biggest change in 100 years. Already the most conditioning colour I have ever used its also a colour that holds its tone on  browns and reds, and  produces blondes that are reassuringly Blonde and not yellow!. They are moving ahead yet again. It must be big news as they have kept it under wraps leaving me and the worlds hair press in the dark until January. Ready to launch in February I will give you all the details then, however we are assured the changes will have a really positive impact for all our guests.

Discover a new you this year or reinvent the old one at Taunton’s leading hair salon .” Hair cutting and colouring shouldn’t be a hit or miss experience. It should reflect your personality. It should make your statement. You should feel confident that your hairdresser knows what is right for you..” Simon Willetts director,Combers Colour Bar Taunton.


Simon Willetts Director of Combers hair salon is the hair columnist for  the ‘Limited Edition Society’