On The First day Of Christmas… Your Party Hair

On the first day of Christmas – you’re already stuck for ideas on how to create your party hair look, as you have the office party, the neighbour’s bash, lunch with your friends and the school carol service to attend. 

Party Hair

Well, forget two turtle doves and five gold rings. Here’s my advice on how you can achieve that sassy, sparkling seasonal party hair style without looking like a tired turkey.

First, relax. Yes, the shop windows and department displays are full of glittering loveliness but there’s no need to panic. There’s still plenty of time to get your hair sorted while searching for Christmas cards, presents and a new fairy for the tree.

Christmas is a time when many women really want to glam up and with their own party hair. You can wear styles that might not suit other occasions, so be bold and go for the look you’ve always wanted to try. Of course, style with your party dress in mind. Stand in front of the mirror and see how your hair looks up, in a pony or patterned to one side. Are you looking for Hollywood glamour or a romantic night on the town? There are so many great styles your stylist can advise you on so don’t be afraid to ask.


Take loads of photos to your stylist at Combers hairdressers Taunton, or better still, start your own Pinterest boards to share on your phone or our salon tablets via free wifi. Proceed by informing your stylist what sort of event you’re going to showing photos of your dress and party hair looks that you have seen. Make an appointment to pop into Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon, on the day of the party for a touch up so you really do shine.

I love accessories at this time of the year. Something sparkling or a glittery clip can achieve a unique style that will win you envious glances. What about a colour to add to the your seasonal party hair? No need to wash all over your usual colour, instead opt for something more subtle. Matched with a look which compliments your skin tone and face shape, you will surprise even your true love and ten pipers piping.

What woman doesn’t look glamorous with her hair up or a beautiful fringe? Party hair at its best. If you’re just popping round to the neighbours for a glass or two of eggnog, then a more tousled lift-up gives you a timeless look that is both chic and easy to achieve.

Bobs and ponytails go well with chunky Christmas jumpers. This look is both flirty and girly in its casual femininity. Matched with a little tinsel, you will look seasonal yet sassy.

Men Too

Guys, don’t feel left out. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to give your hair and scalp a winter MOT. There are a wide range of top products to get your hair through the season of goodwill and party excess!  Rushing from an air conditioned office to a busy nightclub or bar can cause havoc for your skin, especially when it comes to shaving.

Why not take time out to speak with us at Combers about the right and wrong way to stem that stubble?  Men also love a bit of pampering themselves and don’t pick up tips or recommendations in casual conversations like you ladies. Men are moving to hair salons for far more than just a haircut. Its advise on colour, eyebrow shaping and tinting, skin care, even spray tanning. A relationship with a female stylist is one your partner will encourage when she sees that you are taking and interest in your appearance for her. Be sure to be up front as she may just think you are having an affair! What about shampoo and conditioner…Still using what your partner or mother has  bought you?  Take charge of your own grooming….No need for a Partridge or a pear tree but a personal prescription from a stylist at Combers. We are here for you. Come in and make an appointment, build a relationship with a professional hair stylist to ensure you and you hair, look like you, are going somewhere. Somewhere people will follow…Not on your way back… On your own! 

Christmas Treats

Ladies, don’t forget to drop lots of hints to Santa for that new hairdryer or curling tongs set. But why not treat yourself to a little something to brighten these dark winter nights? I highly recommend the Redken Diamond Oil & Free Mascara Christmas Set while stock lasts, with its strong shine complex Redken will have dull and damaged hair shining again in no time.

The pack includes Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo 300ml, Redken Diamond Oil Conditioner 250ml £ 29.50 plus free Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara worth £8.99 

Containing the Redken Diamond Oil Shampoo and Conditioner with nourishing oils means, this Christmas gift set will help you transform your dull, damaged and tired hair into soft, smooth, shining hair that everyone will be jealous of. Combine that with the superb Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara which will help enhance your lashes, you will really have everyone’s eyes on you this Christmas Season.

Have a Merry Christmas with the best party hair style

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