Summer Hair Advise

Like most people, I have seen my fair share of holiday disasters. Whether its lobster shoulders or cousin Bob in a mankini, there are some things we all wish we could  leave on faraway shores.  But as a stylist, I get a bird’s eye view of holiday hair hang-ups that no-one wants as a souvenir from their two weeks in the sun.
When a guest comes back from holiday and sits in my chair, I often gaze down on damaged, dried or simply frizzled hair. Sadly, sometimes the only remedy is cutting it all off and starting again, not a look most people want when they return to the school run or the office.
In fact, at Combers, this is the time of year when we see the highest percentage of damaged hair in the salon. But it needn’t be.  My advice for good summer hair care is similar to that for a good summer trip – be prepared. A little planning and preparation and packing the right bottles in your suitcase, will prevent holiday hair hang ups.
This is advice for the whole family. Just as guys are more likely to stretch out on the sand with just a splash of Factor 2, so are they just as prone to take a holiday from their normal hair care routine. As for the kids, they need more protection as their hair is more delicate and easily damaged.
So, this year when you pack the Kindle and the phrase book, leave space for a few products which will ensure your lovely locks enjoy as good a break as you do. Here are my four top tips to avoid holiday hair nightmares.

1      Stay away from hair lightening products – such as ‘Sun In’

Most contain some form of peroxide, or metallic salt and can cause severe damage to your hair, not to mention such undesirable effects as orange, green, or pink hair.  Even worse, if the product does contain metallic salt and you then perm or colour your hair, it may literally turn your hair into mush and wash down the sink.


Get a professional hair colourist to highlight you hair. This will be more effective and less expensive in the long run, ensuring your hair looks naturally beautiful.

If you experience UV colour fade or your hi lights get too blonde, then either take home an antifade colour treatment, like Fudge colour conditioning treatments at £2.50, or ask your colourist to weave back some of your natural hair colour.

The  advice from a good colourist is crucial to ensure objective evaluation of your hair throughout the summer and after holidays, while you get used to the how you hair develops along with your tan, imagining that your new sun kissed hair looks hot, others may wonder why you have let your-self go!.

2      Wear a Hat – if possible use this tried and tested method to protect your hair when in direct sunlight:

a     Invest in a hair conditioner that contains a sun screen

The sun has by far the most damaging effect on the condition of the hair, more so than a perm or bleach used in a professional salon under strict conditions, the sun certainly has the ability to lighten your hair, not always, as you want.

Protection for Coloured Hair

The new Redken UV Rescue Range called COLOUR EXTEND SUN, which repairs, restores and revives all hair types, is especially effective for making sure your hair looks as good at the end of the summer as it did at the start.


○     Shampoo    …Gently cleanses and removes minerals and salt deposits while helping to repair sun-damaged hair – £12.50

○     Mask …Instantly detangles and revitalizes sun damaged hair with intense moisture and replenishment  – £19.95

○     Take cover SPF25 mouse is a lightweight, alcohol free conditioning formula that infuses hair with radiance and body while providing effective sunscreen protection for the scalp – £16.40

○     Water wear with UV filter, is a water resistant treatment that helps protect sun exposed hair from environmental aggressors – £16.40

These will all help you protect your hair throughout the summer and when you are on holiday.

3      Protect your family from the danger of swimming pool and sea water – use a preventative cream before swimming and always detox or clarify your hair afterwards, preferably followed by a treatment.

Avoid ‘green hair’ before it begins.  Thoroughly wet your hair before you dip in the pool and apply Redken’s Water Wear see above. This is the best I have come across. You could always wear a Nike swim hat as well for double protection. Wash your hair immediately upon exiting the pool.  These precautions alone will go a long way toward dodging the ‘swamp look’.

A clarifier is a stronger shampoo, designed to remove toxins from your hair such as car emissions and other environmental pollutants, as well as build up from some ingredients in over-the-counter shampoos, such as silicon.  A clarifier is too strong to use daily, but once, or even twice a week is okay.  It should also help remove chlorine from your hair, but if you are at the pool daily you will need to invest in a special shampoo to control chlorine.  Colour Extend Sun Shampoo £12.50 is all you need. See above


4      Treatments, treatments – the sun will quickly break down the bonds in your hair, which provide its strength, manageability and shine.   Throughout the summer days it is more important than ever to apply a treatment to your hair.  I suggest treating your hair once a week, with a balance of moisture and protein.   Redken’s Mask, part of the Colour Extend sun range £19.95 is perfect.  See above, or try Moroccan Oil Intense Hydration mask £23.85.

If you follow these tips, you will hopefully not become another holiday hair statistic. And don’t forget to send a postcard to your favourite salon.

Have a great holiday!