Sustainable Beauty

Let’s Face it, as humans we have amongst other unique attributes the ability to make conscious choices. You may, like me question, regret or change these choices, but that is ok as it’s just being self aware, another unique Human attribite. We often find it easier and certainly more comfortable to look outside ourselves and be more aware of others actions and behaviours. Then apply judgment to make ourselves temporarily feel superior. Working on ourselves and our own behaviours, Inside-Out so to speak is more effective for us and benefits the world and others far more. Changing life time habits and choosing to live more sustainable and environmental is challenging, but I came to the conclusion like many other responsible lessees of Planet earth in that beginning with some small changes and aliening with others who think and act similarly is easier and more rewarding.

Sustainable Change Inside and Out

Newly branded Combers Inside-Out hairdressing is more than a name change, we have invested in a complete sustainable refit, bringing our spiritual home in the Courtyard, St James Street closer to how it was 400 years ago. Our Salon Guests recognise our commitment to look inside and change, and comment how different it makes them feel on the Outside. We have now unleashed the untapped energy of our building to enhance our unique Inside-Out hairdressing philosophy.    

Combers chosen brand partner is Davines. Not on price or profit, rather than shared values and  results.  The products of family owned Italian sustainable hair brand, reflect the effective combination between quality and performance of their cosmetic formulas, obtained from the application of a science-aware philosophy that favours ingredients of natural origin. 


With Vegan’s choosing Davines colours and hair products, and the more decerning making more environmentally conscious buying decisions today, Combers Inside-out Hairdressing are proud that we and our guests are too.

As of today, among the actions regularly carried out by Davines, are targeting the reduction of harmful emissions and the use of electric energy from renewable sources, the optimisation of water resources in the various phases of production, the increase of the amount of waste intended for recycling, a growing use of natural highly biodegradable ingredients and the reduction and streamlining of materials used in packaging.

Transparency, beauty, respect, and sustainability is their vision, and we share it. The Davines products and Combers Inside Out hairdressing philosophy becomes a virtuous pretext to express a humanistic approach to business. Family values become the key element not only to define the correct way to be, inside and outside the company, but they also turn into intangible and fundamental ingredients of the product and service we offer you.