Swing into Spring

Every season change brings new things along with it, but no other inspires a fresh start the way spring does. After the long and gloomy winter, everything just seems to burst with life and colour again – from gardens to wardrobes and yes, even your hair!

TREND 1: Colour Revolution

On the avant garde side, we’ve seen metallic sheens and playful pastels, but most women are looking for seamless, low-maintenance hair colour. Product innovations have created new tonal mixtures with a deeper, more luxurious look. To me, the most exciting recent development is ammonia-free hair colour. It not only smells a lot better, but makes hair two times stronger and yields a far more natural colour.

Combers’ Master Colourist Beckie Lyons loves the season’s soft copper and warmer hues, as paraded on the red carpet by Jessica Chastain and Nicole Richie. But she is quick to add that being a celebrity clone is not the way to go. “It’s all about personalisation,” she says. “There is no set way of colouring hair. Just like a haircut, it should be tailored just for you to ensure that you look your best. For example, highlights shouldn’t just be many blonde pieces woven into the hair. There should be more than two colours, placed so that they work perfectly with your skin tone, hair style and texture to create a brand new dimension.”

Source: awardsdaily.com viaCombers Hair Salon & Shop on Pinterest

TREND 2: You-nique Style

The season’s style trends are very eclectic. From classic shapes with contemporary twists, to seductive glamour with sleek volume, to edgier femininity with sharp cuts – all are having their moment. Again, the emphasis is on personal style and individual expression. The economy is still hitting where it hurts most, making versatility just as essential.

My advice here is to make sure that your hairdresser sees you as you could be, not just as you are. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut – whether out of habit or a misplaced sense of loyalty to a stylist or even a group of friends who all go to the same salon. Take advantage of the new season to break out of old routines.

TREND 3: The Look & Feel

The catwalks sported every texture from full-bodied volume to sleek elegance, with curls emerging as a hot trend again. But the common denominator is magnificent condition.

Pureologogy hair care at Combers hairsalon, Taunton's leading hair salonTo a large extent, maintaining your look depends on products that make the most of your hair. A reliable stylist will recommend solutions to everyday problems like untamed frizzies and dry hair. She will also provide essential coaching on how to maintain your style at home.

Stress and aging can wreak the kind of havoc on your hair that will require specialist care. This can include salon treatments, products you use at home and even colour. As Beckie says: “Colour can enhance the style and condition of your hair to create a different quality.” My favourite new product is Redken’s “Chromatics Beyond Cover” – an ammonia-free colour developed specifically for grey hair that is taking the world by storm. As the name suggests, it goes past simply covering grey to actually boosting the strength and condition of your hair.



TREND 4: That Salon Feeling

More than ever, salons have to be about rejuvenation and de-stressing. They must be elegant places of escape. The latest interior trends for salons focus on luxury and understated opulence, but the most important factor is not one that you can hang on a wall.

Premium service has become the golden standard. You may have noticed that the main thread running through all the trends is individuality – this carries all the way through to the service you expect. Cookie-cutter solutions and production-line approaches just do not make the grade anymore. To me, “premium service” means providing reliable guarantees and investing in the education of my stylists constantly. It also means consistent professionalism, which I believe is a combination of accessibility, courtesy and objectivity. This kind of intangible value will never  be out of fashion, no matter what the season.

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