Time to change your hair stylist??

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and your hair is to change your hairstylist.  I only say this of course if you are unhappy with the results you’ve been getting or feel that you have got in a rut.  There is no doubt that the relationship between you the guest and your hairdresser is a very important one and in many cases very cherished.  Some even like to think of us as a friend.  The problem with friends is that they are in danger of not seeing you objectively and therefore the advice you get becomes less objective.  Equally you are less likely to give honest critical feedback, or complain.  The secret is to get to know more than one stylist in the same salon…. have two friends or three.

Are you ready to find another stylist?

  • Do you fancy a change or is your stylist not coming up with anything different?
  • Is it that you cannot afford your stylists charges because of your changing circumstances, even though you appreciate the value of their experience skill and ongoing education?

Try your present salon first.

However, the reason I often hear for not trying another stylist in the same salon is, “I don’t want to upset my stylist!”  So What Happens?…..Many take a complete leap of faith even if it fly’s in the face of common sense and see a new stylist in a completely new salon.  I say common sense because many large salons will share a common philosophy in their team, from education, service and money back guarantee, to a record of you’re services and colour information. So whilst another stylist may have a different personality, less or more experience and have different charges from the one you are with, it makes more sense for you to stay with the same salon.

TIP 1: Have a blow-dry with someone else in the team on your stylists day off

and ask them how they see your hair.

I would like to assure you that your hairdresser is not that sensitive and only wants the best for you, which is why many of the best hairdressers see you as a ‘Guest’ which insures that their approach has the  kindness and empathy of a ‘friend’ whilst keeping the professional accountability of a ‘client’. All hairdressers that I work with understand the human desire for variety and would sooner introduce you to another member of their team, than have you never show up again.  Having a team philosophy which encourages you to phone and speak with guest relations, so they can assist you to make that change and try some one different is essential.  The best thing about this is that you have the comfort of having two friendly hairdressers that understand your wishes.

Tip 2: Two stylists, even in the same salon, will always have different ideas on the desired look so don’t swap and change if your hairstyle is in the development from one look to another, as you will get a result that looks like it has been designed by a committee!

Tip 3: Stylists encourage you to bring in pictures to discuss your ideas but allow and even encourage them to develop the idea, as creative people excel when they have some ownership of the finished look.  An attempt to directly copy someone else’s cut, even if it is one of their team mates will always be a second best .

Finding a new Salon Stylist

How do you find good hair stylists?  Ask someone (even a stranger), who has a hairstyle you admire, who her hairstylist is?  You will be surprised how appreciative she is for you asking.  You are really paying her a great compliment.  Every person is a walking advertisement for their hair stylist.

After getting some recommendations, set up a consultation (which should not cost anything).  Now, here is where I suggest you rely heavily on intuition……. Here are some observations to make:

  • Do we seem to click?  First impressions are powerful and generally correct.
  • Are they interested in me?
  • How does the stylist present herself/himself?  What you see is what you get.
  • What does her /his hair look like.  Don’t always judge the condition, you have to make allowances for the fact that they are tempted to try out all the colours and may have become seriously chemically dependant!
  • Did they ask enough questions to be able to access your best possibilities?

On this visit a good hair stylist should identify your hair problems with a view to giving solutions throughout your first visit.  They should get to know your lifestyle and how much time you are willing to spend on your hair.

  • Take a look around. Is the salon clean? Does it look organised?  Do the staff appear happy?
  • Was your appointment handled professionally?

Remember you do have choices and it is worth doing your home work as all hairdressers and hair salons are not the same!