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After several years of very attractive “commercial” venues, Davines, the leading sustainable beauty brand featured at Combers, has brought it’s community to one of the most evocative places in the world, where you can feel the power of nature and breath the strong relationship between man and his planet: Iceland.

The World Wide Hair Tour comes to REYKJAVIK

A magical land, surrounded by spectacular glaciers, geysers and endless stretches of rock is where my Wife and I went on May 4-9th to be inspired by the Davines WORLD WIDE HAIR TOUR 2019. Cameron Willetts, Director of Combers  ‘Outside-In hair Academy’ who was invited to work backstage, said “the experience was invaluable to my development and inspires me to share my ideas front stage one day ” 

This was not the usual fashion and hair show where artists project an often rather too pleased with themselves and unbalanced view of how hair and fashion is important  to the world. Far from it, and the reason for choosing Davines for Combers is that they have a focus that is far wider than Hairdressing. A sustainable Beauty brand valuing people and the rock we live on. We had the occasion to discover a primordial land where the power of nature is still untouched; a land of ice and fire where we felt a strong connection between us and nature.

On stage, Some of the best names in the international hairdressing arena showcased their creativity to the full in a series of shows and seminars that inspired and delighted an 800 strong audience.

Davines stage the World Wide Hair Tour to give an opportunity for creative hairdressers to meet with others with a similar mindset, exchange trends, ideas and projects in an event dedicated to beauty that live the values of respect for nature, for which Davines inspire Combers and many hairdressers worldwide. Not surprisingly, Reykjavik is called the most sustainable capital in the world.


Four-time winner of the prestigious British Hairdresser of the Year award, Angelo Seminara headlined the event and  has been the Davines International Artistic Director since 2011.

His aim it seems is enhancing the feminine figure without flaunting its beauty, but

rather allowing its naturalness and elegance to reveal themselves. A perfect example of what I call ‘Inside-Out hairdressing’ and the new rebranded name for Combers sustainably resourced refit flagship salon in the Courtyard.


The event was Located by the old harbour between Reykjavík city centre and the North Atlantic and stands out as a unique landmark in continuous interplay with its

surroundings. The design was influenced by Iceland ‘s exceptional and dramatic nature. The glass facade, which covers the entire building, was designed by renowned visual artist Olafur Eliasson.