What is Your Faceshape ?….

……and who cares?

Well, your hairdresser should defiantly care and you should be concerned if they don’t.

But then perhaps you don’t go to your hairdresser for their advise and opinion, being content telling them what you want and have them meekly agree, followed by an exchange of holiday destinations. Many young hairdressers confuse good service with the phrase, ‘the customer is always right’ and will often just want to immediately please you and say yes.

Apprehensive to visit a new hairdresser you might be, we do understand, but Is this really good hairdressing service? 

I opened Combers hair salon in The Courtyard, St James Street, Taunton, employing one stylist and one apprentice 35 years ago at the age of 20. Surveys suggested customers did not know the difference between a great hair cut and an average one but could recognise good service. When I look around many towns in the UK it seems not much has changed. Good coffee and magazines was on top of your list back then. In 2017, this and many other comforts that were then seen as a luxury should be a given, but should you not expect more? Perhaps it depends on how much you are prepared to pay like most things in life.

Thirty five years later I work with a team of 28, in a larger expanded Combers on the same site. Growing a great business on good coffee alone may be OK for Costa but what costs businesses more and more to provide you the customer with is well educated, experienced, skilled personnel that understand the product they are selling. For Combers, our primary cost is our people and our product is your hair.  Growing young talented hairdressers to listen, ask you the right questions, listen again and then find the courage to express their opinion and give advise to someone of any age and demographic, is the key to our success. Pleasing them, by then executing the right cut, not just any cut or the latest trend, turns an average looking hairstyle into a great one that suits you.

Faceshape is just one consideration when designing a great hairstyle for our guests. If you are not convinced, take a look at this graphic. The inner circle in both are the same size. If this was your face and the outer circles were your hair the impact of hair size alone is clear. We call this perceptive design.

What is your faceshape?…. If you want a smile on it, choose a hairdresser that knows the difference and cares.