Work in a better salon…Earn a better living!


Whether you hunt for it, pay for it or get it for free, one thing is certain:

Your survival depends on it!

Hairdressing is the best career in the world. It has been good to me and I love working with creative, positive people. But without inspiration, creative people lose their shine and sparkle. Without inspiration, even brilliant hairdressers become ordinary and lose clients. 

Combers are expanding and are recruiting good hairdressers now!

In sport, playing with the best improves your own game. Look around you. Do your teammates inspire you? Does your environment recharge your batteries or are you left to find creative stimulation elsewhere? Are you having more slow days? As hairdressers, we are on stage and surrounded by mirrors. Our body language often says more than we want it to and our guests will pick up on this.

What is your body saying

Even the best hairdressers are not immune to market forces. Guests are leaving bigger gaps between visits, making it necessary to have more guests to stay busy and earn a better living. How have you tried to tackle this challenge? Recommend-a-friend, repeat bookings and cross selling are all popular strategies. We find adding value to our guests is one of our best strategies, which means working together as a team. You may have tried this yourself, but lost heart because your colleagues are not pulling their weight. The other extreme is being forced to discount your work for the sake of a popular quick-fix: vouchers and special offers.,which can be very demoralizing

Education, Inspiration and New ideas

In a difficult economy, it can be very tempting to cut back on education and marketing – but any business owner worth their salt will tell you that these are very bad moves. If anything, the budget for these essential activities should increase during an economic downturn!

When last did you see an advert representing your salon?

How long has it been since it was last featured in the press?

Does your salon actively promote you and your hard work?

How many of these scenarios apply to you?

I am experienced and I want to work with the best

I know I’m great at what I do, but I’d like the opportunity to learn more

I have a loyal clientele, but I need more new clients

 I am a busy hairdresser and I love what I do, but I feel that I’m losing my shine and sparkle

 I feel that I deserve more and would like to earn more money

 I am fed up with new clients only coming once because they have a voucher

 I want to work with a business that promotes not only the salon, but me too

 I’d like the opportunity to teach others

 I want to be more creative

 I need to be more in control of my own destiny

 I am fed up with rules that don’t make sense

 I’d like more time off or work more flexible hours

 I need more flexible options, like self-employment but working in a top salon with creative stylists

If you can relate to this check-list and you would like an absolutely confidential chat with someone who understands your challenges and frustration, contact me, Simon, personally,  on 01823 334331 or simon@combers-old