Your hair colouring questions

By Leading hair trichologist:  PHILIP KINGSLEY

Hair colouring has seemed to have become a fact of life: There are more people colouring their hair now than ever before.

Yet there is, and always has been – a love – hate relationship with the whole colouring process – and more so now after reading, every so often, a real scary story about hair colouring reactions: making the hair fall out; break off; acute allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock, and even as a cause of cancer.

Yet, colouring is one of the great morale boosting processes, so we want to do it in spite of our trepidation, knowing that the right colour can change our spirits from misery to elation. Of all the processes we do to our hair and the myths I have discussed.

Woman brushing her hair
Colouring has the greatest number of myths and misconceptions ? so – I will try to put the record straight with these 10 most frequently asked questions ? not necessarily in order of frequency or importance:
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Simon Willetts Director of Combers hair salon is the hair columnist for  the ‘Limited Edition Society’