Hair Colour Allergy Alert Test

Important Notice For Our Hair Colour Guests

Your safety is always a priority for us and strict health and safety legislation makes it compulsory for us to further minimise your risk of having an allergic reaction to hair colour.  It is, therefore, important you have an Allergy Alert Test (also known as a patch test) before your hair service at Combers Inside-Out Hairdressing in Taunton.  

We have two options for you to choose from:

1. You can call and arrange a 5-minute appointment to come into the salon and receive a FREE AAT test (Allergy Alert Test) 10 days before each colour appointment (or, at the very least, 48 hours before your appointment)


2. You can purchase a £15 ColourStart patch test and apply this simple one-off test yourself.  With this option, you do not need to come into the salon 48 hours before every colour appointment, unless your health profile changes.

Please note:  If you are pregnant or have active dermatitis or you cannot test with ColourStart or you would prefer option 1 to come into the salon 10 days prior to your colour appointment, please call Combers Customer Service on 01823 334331 on email and we will arrange an AAT (Allergy Alert Test) in the salon at zero cost.

How To Purchase A ColourStart Patch Test (£15)

colourstart patch testing at Combers Salon in TauntonYou must register here for your ColourStart Passport.  Then answer the questions to make sure you qualify for a ColourStart patch test.

Please make your purchase 14 days before your hair colour appointment.  Apply the patch test 8 days before your first colour appointment... and then it can be 5 days before all further colour appointments.  This allows us to adjust or cancel your appointment if required.

The Colourstart Passport has been classed as a medicine by the Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory agency and, by law, medicines have to be charged for.  We buy these to send out to you.  We do not get them for free which is why there is a one-off £15 charge for ColourStart.  

In the future, you will not need a new test. You simply need to go to your app before each colour appointment and follow the screening questions to get your check on your passport. This gives us the green light to proceed with your colour appointment. 

Directions for using the ColourStart patch will be emailed to you with confirmation of your purchase but if you would like more information please click here.