Choosing and selecting the correct shampoo and conditioner and or treatment for the integrity of your hair and scalp is all part of this service. This is followed by a feet up relaxing hair bath in our luxury basins. Automated back massage is optional and dimmed lighting essential.


We always book out 1 hour for ladies and 45 minutes for Gentlemen to insure our guests are not rushed. Cutting is always preceded by a face to face consultation every visit ( see About Us or hyperlink to) and proceeded by a blow dry or finish including tips on how to achieve at home and which products and tools we use and recommend for you. In order to give our 7 day no quibble guarantee (hyperlink to guarantee) it is essential to cut you hair wet to dry, cut to finish so we can check our work, personalise and tweak and ensure you are completely happy before you leave. This service takes place in the main cut and styling zone upstairs. We also have a cutting zone on the ground floor to ensure those that find stairs a challenge, receive the same first class service


Colouring services take place in our unique colour bar situated in the technical service zone on the 2nd floor. We also create a bespoke technical service on the ground floor for our guests that find stairs a challenge. We choose and select the best professional colours to ensure the integrity of your hair and the result is never compromised. Our Colourists continuously upgrade their skills with particular reference to fashion and trends so we can ensure your look works with you, your cut and congruent with an agreed level of maintenance for your lifestyle. We look to advise on seasonal colour tweaks. We specialise in bespoke colour placement using foils or free hand techniques like balayage. The latter taking longer and costing more, although often less to maintain. Price is based on skill and time, so if we choose to use a blend of several colours the price does not change. Colour correction is a science as well as an art and requires a consultation in advance of booking your appointment. All colouring requires a skin patch test 48 hours in advance of your first service and again if your colour has lapsed more than 4 months. Please inform your colourist of any changes that may affect your sensitivity to colour, like allergies, recent tattoos or medication, including anti histamines. All our colour services require you to book a finish to enable us to both see the finished look and be covered by our 7 day no quibble guarantee as colour is effected by reflection of light and therefore appears different when dry or blow-dried smooth.

Root Rage

This is a unique and popular service at Combers for any guests with high maintenance colour regimens. This is an inexpensive in-between top up for our full service colour guests. It enables us to maintain your root rage around the hairline and upper partings only, (often referred to as the T- Zone), but regularly in between your full colour services. You can book in with our assistant colourists, and using your original prescription they provide you with a top up in this key root rage area. We then make available all the tools and products for you to self-dry your own hair, before leaving.


Our skilled technicians have many years’ experience with perming. This has become a specialist service now that many hairdressers rarely perm and may never learn how. Today sadly it is not a standard module in the Government approved training syllabus. This of course is not the case at our Combers outside- in hairdressing Academy.

Relaxing and Smoothing Treatments

Often called, keratin treatments or Brazilian blow-dry. This treatment is very popular with guests that have curly or frizzy hair and struggle to blow-dry or keep smooth. Sometimes it could be just the fringe. A full head treatment on shoulder length hair takes 3 hours and uses keratin protein, so improves condition as well, enabling colouring to be performed on the same day. We will remove frizz and up to 80% curl or less to suit your needs. With first generation treatments requiring a wait of three days before washing, this is no longer the case and the treatment lasts up to 6 months. Always wanted to just blast dry your hair or a simple wrap dry, perfect for carefree holidays; book in for a consultation to find out if your hair is suitable for this service.

Hair Additions

Often referred to as hair extensions. Our expert hair addition technicians can add length and or volume. We offer wefts or tapes and only use the finest European virgin hair. Different qualities of hair are available but we will only fit the finest quality to ensure our guests have the maximum longevity and satisfaction and natural match to your own hair. Pre-consultation before making your service appointment is essential.


We select and recommend treatments that have been tested by us and work. They will improve hair and scalp conditions, and are optional, so please ask when making your appointment so we can allow enough time. Pre, during and post colour treatments are sometimes essential for compromised hair, or to safely reach certain colours or tones. This ensures the integrity of your hair and desired result can be achieved and is also covered by our 7 day no quibble guarantee. Your technician will advise you, but if at all concerned please ask.

Food and Refreshments

We look after you with a selection of fine teas, a selection of the herbal or fruit variety including freshly ground coffee, both full roast and decaf all from local suppliers. A selection of juices and water are also included for you refreshment. Augustus, Taunton’s finest and award winning Restaurant (next door to Combers), have created a selection of breakfast and lunch time dishes for the enjoyment of Combers guests, perfect for colour bar and technical services where you can partake while your service is processing. A glass of wine is also at your disposal. Just ask your Colourist or front of house for this service upon arrival or any time during your visit. All we ask is that you pay their waiter direct upon delivery with cash or card. *Please note Augustus is closed on Mondays.