laura stephens

Working Hours

TUE 9:00 - 20.00
WED 9:00 - 13.00
FRI 9:00 - 20:00
SAT 8:30 - 17:000




Laura Stephens

I grew up on a remote farm on Exmoor. Farming would, or should, have been my passion but hair took precedent over mucking out! That is not to say I am ever far from the picturesque countryside. I merely traded the weather of Exmoor for that of the Blackdown Hills; one area of outstanding beauty for another.

I have always been creative. I guess, with a Mum from Liverpool and connections with the vibrant city, I can honestly say that Hunter Wellies and Louboutins are as comfortable as one another to dance in!

I love everything about hairdressing and have been working with Combers Inside-Out since 2011. From experience, I recognise that, like me, my guests enjoy the laid-back Somerset air, but they don't compromise on anything less than a city style. That’s where I come in, with advice, tips and of course my cutting and colouring skills.

I don’t expect all of my guests to go for big, bold explosions of colour; much of my work is more natural. However, it is fun to try something new so please feel free to ask.

I look forward to meeting you, making a difference and talking about all things whippet!