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Demi Lee

Independent Operator

Demi is my full name and the formal interpretation of the word demi is “half”. However, there are no half measures with me!

Hairdressing is not a job to me and the people I choose to work with at Combers are wonderful people. I say choose as I am an Independent Hairdresser and Combers and I choose to work together, because it works for both of us. We as a Team have a mutual respect for each other and our shared differences impact on how I feel and communicate with my guests. I have worked with Combers since 2013.

I love life and when I’m not in cutting, colouring and styling hair I am in the gym ……. Some say I’m obsessive, but I guess there could be worse things to be obsessive about.

My obsession does not stop with fitness, as I want to be the best at what I do and working with the best is the best place to be, never standing still, improving all the time …. Do I say best a lot? ……. Best I stop then!



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