An Ode To Mums

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An Ode To All Mothers

Oh, radiant beings of boundless grace,

Whose love transcends both time and space,

In your embrace, a haven we find,

A sanctuary for heart and mind.


With gentle hands and nurturing touch,

You cradle dreams, you cherish much.

From dawn till dusk, through joy and strife,

You breathe in the very essence of life.


A symphony of lullabies in the night,

Guiding us through darkness with your light.

Your laughter, a melody, pure and sweet,

A lull in life's tempest, an anchor, a heartbeat.


In your eyes, the wisdom of ages old,

Stories of triumphs, and struggles untold.

You are the architects of our humble start,

Shaping the clay of our beating hearts.


The canvas of life, you paint with care,

Each stroke a lesson, each colour rare.

Through stormy seas and skies of blue,

Your love, a constant, forever true.


Oh, mothers, silent warriors in the night,

You turn the pages, penning tales so bright.

In your sacrifice, strength takes its form,

An unspoken anthem in life's grand storm.


You are the sunrise after the night,

A tapestry woven with threads of light.

In every hug, in every kiss,

An eternal promise of pure bliss.


On this ode to you, we sing and say,

Happy Mother's Day, in our own way.

For your love, a beacon, forevermore,

In our hearts, you'll always soar.