meet The Inside-Out Hairdressers

We often compare ourselves more with a tribe than a team as we are individuals who are travelling  together on a journey, where each of us contribute, everyone is important, and our Customer is very much part. Infact they are our opportunity to practice difference making everyday. 

Some employed hairdressers some Independent. We have Students, Apprentices, Graduates, Consultants, Teachers, Guest relations, Administrators and Managers. In
tasks, it is normal for roles to sometimes change as the teacher becomes the student or the manager becomes the apprentice.

Different people, lives, personalities and strengths that come together for different periods each week, share wisdom and humility and feel ultimately inspired by each other.

Mastering the art of difference making begins with a thought inside, which leads to a different way of seeing. Confidence and assurance is felt when you meet someone who thinks and sees the same.

Magic happens when you create your dream together. It feels different, comfortable but challenging, special and affirming, a completely new experience of being alive where anything is possible.

Being a student in the art of difference making is not thinking less of ourselves; it’s just thinking of ourselves less.