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Mastering the art of difference making begins with ourselves and our team. We share our moments not to show off but to inspire ourselves and others to create more of the same and more.

‘When someone wins, someone does not have to lose, but if you’re playing to win you have already lost’
…Simon Willetts

‘Playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do’
…Marianne Williamson

Spring is in the Hair

by Cameron Willetts  |  17th Mar, 2020

The Combers Inside-Out hair consultation invites you to explore colours and hairstyles that trigger positive emotions, so we can ensureREAD MORE >


by Simon  |  13th Mar, 2020

We take pride in the cleanliness of the Salon and are being even more vigilant during this time. As youREAD MORE >


by Simon  |  28th Feb, 2020

Hair expert Simon Combers, introduces Cameron Willetts, who has now been promoted to the premier league at Combers Inside-Out CameronREAD MORE >

Cut and blow dry works as well as any medicine?

by Simon  |  17th Mar, 2018

DR MAX THE MIND DOCTOR:  “When a cut and blow dry works as well as any medicine” Read more: 

Children’s Hair

by Simon  |  15th Jun, 2015

Children have just started the Summer term, this means cricket and rounders and long warm evenings for some, but isREAD MORE >

On The First day Of Christmas… Your Party Hair

by Simon  |  28th Nov, 2014

Take loads of photos to your stylist at Combers, or better still, start your own Pinterest boards to share on your phone or our salon tablets via free wifi. Proceed by informing your stylist what sort of event you’re going to showing photos of your dress. Make an appointment to pop into Combers, Taunton’s leading hair salon, on the day of the party for a touch up so you really do shine.

Is your hair Style a season behind your cloths?

by Simon  |  27th Nov, 2014

A little thought preparation and sound advice will take your hair to a place it deserves and ensure the new cloths you have invested in this winter look the way you imagined when you bought them, attracting all the right comments and attention – even on the coldest of days.